Why Invest Chit Fund?

Chit funds are one of the good sources of finance, providing flexibility to save and borrow funds at a high profit within the maximum limit of the chit fund agreement. It offers investors tax-free dividends and aids people in need with budget-friendly financial terms.

Best Chit Dund Service

  • Trusted by 1000+ customers for over 10 years
  • Customer-friendly
  • Custom Chit scheme
  • Transparent transaction

Emergency Funds

Chit fund allows you to inculcate the habit of regular saving every month. This little saving can serve as your emergency funding, as you can withdraw it when you need it.

Easy Documentation

Unlike other financial services, chit funds don't require complex formalities. You can get funds in a timely manner without extensive paperwork.

Regular Returns

Chit fund provide study return because a certain amount of dividend will be added to your saving every month.

Market Condition

Chit fund investments are not affected by any market condition.

How it Works

  • 1

    Select the best chit fund scheme from our various plans that suits your financial need and recruitment

  • 2

    Once of the registration, we request the subscribers to contribute their share as per their chit scheme and condition

  • 3

    After collecting the contribution, Every we conduct an auction for the benefit of members

  • 4

    One or more members can participate in the auction and we choose one at random and that subscribe will be the winner of the chit fund.

  • 5

    If no subscribe and are interested, we conduct revere auction and the where price money is bid on discount and discount is equally shared to the subscribers.

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